• Be-e-e-e-nd and Plop

    Life as a curly haired girl is interesting. My hair days are even more interesting.

    Some days I wake up, and my hair is rocking, and the curls are perfect, and I am totally having a good hair day.

    And then……. The next day, after I’ve slept on my hair, its chaotic, and one side is completely deflated, while the other side looks like I’ve run through a room full of static balloons.

    But fear not.

    I have found the answer.

    Ladies, I Introduce to you:


    Plopping, is the non-heat method of drying your hair, and setting your curls perfectly.

    And here’s how you do it.

    After your shower, apply some leave- in conditioner, mouse and whatever other products you need for your hair cocktail.

    Next, grab your cotton tea shirt and lay it down on a flat surface, with the sleeves furthest from you.

    Bending from your hips, slowly lower your head towards the centre of the t-shirt, and try and keep your hair from spreading out on the t-shirt, keep it all together in one unit.

    Fold the bottom end corners of the t-shirt towards the nape of your neck, and tie them together, then bring the sleeves towards the nape of your neck.

    Next, stand up straight and bring the sleeves towards your forehead and tie securely into a knot and tuck away any loose bits into the sides.

    Once your hair is dry, undo the t-shirt and see your beautiful bouncy curls!

    I should add, that it is up to you how long you want to leave the t-shirt on, you can wait an hour, or even sleep with it on over-night, the longer its on, the more your curls will hold with more bounce.

    You can also use a microfibre material, Dilly’s Collections has a drying cap range too!

    So there you have it…. Plopping. Who knew?

    Click here to see the Curly Hair Routine video by Donata White.




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  • Shower Diva

    You know what the best part of staying in a hotel is?

    Free toiletries.

    Especially the shower cap….. said no one ever.

    Yet, we take it anyway, cos its free.

    But since you’ve returned from your holiday, I bet you haven’t given it much thought.

    Its probably sitting in the bottom of your suitcase, or at the top of your toiletries cabinet, along with the gluggy mascara you got with a magazine from when you were a teen, and the mini Cetaphil samples you got in your mail box 3 years ago.

    But now, there’s a new stylish shower cap on the block, Dilly’s Collections Microfibre Shower cap.

    Its chic and it keeps your hair dry with its microfibre material that is also water proof and machine washable. Talk about two birds and one stone!

    And with all the gorgeous designs, it’s practically impossible to buy just one, heck I need one for each day of the week, just to come up with more excuses to buy more!

    They come various sizes, styles and you’ll look like an absolute diva in the shower!

    Grab yours today

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  • Curls Made Easy

    As a curly haired gal my bathroom is filled with products to keep my curls looking their best. We’re talking about coconut oil, dry shampoo, hair mousse, curl cream, serum, hair masks….

    Annnnnd the list goes on.

    But I think there is a product out there that isn’t mentioned enough, and its time that we acknowledge it.

    The shower cap.

    And I’m about to share with you one of my secrets that you can use to keep your curls hydrated and bouncy.

    Shhh don’t tell anyone. You’re part of the club now.

    Here it goes:

    On your hair washing day, rather than conditioning in the shower, conditioner before your shower.

    Basically, apply a deep conditioner and then tuck your hair into your Dilly’s Collections shower cap, and wash your body, before washing your hair as normal.


    Well, the steam from the shower will help lock in the moisture from the conditioner and will leave your hair feeling soft and hydrated, with extra bounce!

    And, if you are blessed with time; you can even leave in the conditioner for 10-15 mins and shave your legs, apply a face mask and save the world.

    By the time you’re ready to wash it out, not only will you have conquered time itself, you will have shiny hair, now that sounds like a plan!

    Leaving in the conditioner for longer, will boost the effectiveness of it.

    You’re welcome.

    Remember, you’re part of the club now…. Go toss your shiny hair over your shoulder and show off your curls girl!



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  • Clutter Be Gone!

    Guys, this is not a drill. Dilly’s Collections has expanded its product range!

    They now offer so much more than microfiber shower caps and small cosmetic bags. I’m talking about sleeping caps, drying caps and flip cosmetic bags.

    Personally, I’m most excited about the flip bags, you know those bags that you can hang off the back of the door vertically, with different pockets and pouches? Yeah those, well now you can buy one!

    When traveling sometimes us gals are faced with the problem of not having enough bathroom counter space to place all our toiletries (well a girl’s got a lot of stuff).

    And we internally groan at the thought of having to unpack and repack our toiletry bag every time.  Ugh!

    So when Dilly’s Collections made the flip hanging bag, little did they know that they have created the answer for every women’s travel hassle.  

    If you’re limited for space in the bathroom, because they hang vertically, they literally give you space. Talk about efficiency!

    They’re absolutely amazing, you can hang them off the shower door, or a bunk bed…. Or …or literally anywhere!

    Even if you are not a travel person, they are fantastic if you’re sending your daughter off to school camp, or a sleep-over; she can keep all her toiletries organised and bring the one bag

    …not a gazillion toiletry bags, like I used to!

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  • DIY Hair Repair

    Ah winter; hose cold chilly nights, where all you want to do is snuggle on the couch with a hot chocolate. The season of comfy knits, ugg boots and fluffy socks…

    But as the weather gets all cold and dry, so does your hair. The cold weather pulls the moisture out from your hair, which makes it feel dry and lifeless, and it loses its shine. Which means split ends!

    So, in these cold winter nights it is important to keep your hair hydrated and use a good quality conditioner.

    And, if its waaaay too cold to leave the house right now, don’t worry because I’ve got some DIY treatments that you can whip together right now. (I know, I know- I’m amazing, you’re welcome)

    Avocado Hair Mask

    Avocados are full of healthy fats and oils, and are great for restoring shine and moisture to your hair. Egg yolks are full of fats and proteins to naturally revive your hair to its natural gloss.


    ½ avocado

    1 egg yolk


    1. Blend the avocado and egg yolk in a blender or with a fork
    2. Apply to your hair, working from the bottom up to your scalp
    3. Wrap your hair in your Dilly’s Collections shower cap and wait 15-20 (This locks the heat in, and allows your hair to absorb all the nutrients)
    4. Rinse out in the shower
    5. Shampoo and condition as usual


    Olive Oil Hair Mask

    Olive oil is a rich emollient that conditions the hair and makes it easy to brush, adds shine and prevents breakage.


    4 tablespoons olive oil

    2 table spoons honey


    1. Heat oil in microwave for 20 seconds
    2. Mix oil with the honey
    3. Apply to hair, starting from the ends and working up
    4. Once again, wrap in shower cap for 15-20 mins
    5. Wash and style as usual

    The results? Fabulous and strong hair…just like you!

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  • Shower Cone?

    There is that saying that you should learn something new every day.

    Well, dear reader, I have certainly done that, and once you’re done reading, you’ll have definitely learnt something new too.

    Shower caps have been around since the early 1800s…. yup.

    And believe me, shower caps weren’t always cloud shaped and poofy, no, back then, they were cone shaped, kind of like the construction cones…. Yeah the orange ones.

    Why??   - I asked myself that too, why dear god why?

    Well, apparently they were shaped like this, so that the water drips down the cone, whilst keeping the bather’s head dry.

    And, they were made out of oil cloth, so that the water doesn’t absorb into the cap. Pretty smart eh?

    You can see in this photo, the kids are wearing their shower caps and covered in blankets while waiting for their turn to shower.


    It was quite interesting to research all this, nevertheless, I am very grateful that we now have more elegant shower caps.

    Can you imagine trying to shower with a construction cone shape on your head?!

    The logistics already make me cringe!

    Which is why, I will not be taking my Dilly’s Collections Shower Cap for granted.

    This soft microfiber cloud is all I need, no cones for me, unless its an ice cream cone!

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