Enjoy Mother's Day at home - here's how! ❤️

May 06, 2020

Enjoy Mother's Day at home - here's how! ❤️

This year has thrown a lot of things into uncertainty and new territory, particularly with parenting. Mums and Dads now have to balance teaching, parenting, working, and dealing with a pandemic. All while making sure their kids are feeling loved and secure. And that's hard. 

So it's more important more than ever that you show your mum how much you appreciate her (or mums, this is a reminder that it is completely okay to treat yourself!). You may not be able to do the usual things you want to do on Mother's Day, like have a breakfast at a cafe, or go to a movie. But there are still a few ways to show you care.

Here's a few:
  • Mother & Daughter/Son self-care spa day ✨whip out the face masks, manicure sets and hair care. Spend the day relaxing together and completing some beauty treatments ❤️and grab some of our products like our microfibre hair turbans, shower caps or body wraps to make it really feel like a spa day!
  • Movie night 🎬get cosy on the couch and let your mum pick the movie. Snacks essential. 🍫
  • Breakfast delivery 🍳support a local business by arranging a breakfast delivery (or pick-up!) check out your local cafes to see what they are offering!
  • Gift vouchers - not as exciting but a perfect option for those who can't be with their mums on Mother's Day 🙁get them a voucher you can use together when this is all over! (better yet, give it to them over a Zoom catch up!)
Just remember this Mother's Day to show your mum how much you love them, even if it is from a distance. And mums, please make sure you take a little time out for yourself to rest, relax and recharge. You deserve it!
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