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Made for Madison

February 27, 2017

Made for Madison

Posted: 25 Feb 2017

I have very long hair. As a busy mum, I don't have time to wash my hair every day. My hair usually ends up getting wet in the shower, even if it's tied up which is annoying. When I saw Dilly's Collections shower caps, they immediately stood out! I was intrigued when I saw that the inner layer is lined with MICROFIBRE fabric and the middle layer has PVC waterproofing. If that didn't already win me over, There are 15 different designs, from a ducky, cupcake, ladybug, damask, leopard and more, something everyone will love. I'm a sucker for shower caps, and for anything that's stylish, so this cap won me over.

As I said before my hair is so long and usually gets pretty fizzy. I was really happy that after using Dilly's Shower Cap, my hair had no fizz when I took off the cap, and my hair stayed in the cap! The cap is a one size fits all, it fit well and for me and the band around felt good, didn't hurt or irritate me, and my head didn't feel hot wearing it, which especially in the summertime is perfect. The exterior of the cap is satin and felt so fancy and amazing looking.

So I can safely say I'm a Dilly's collection fan and cant wait to get some more to add to my collection.

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