Shower Cone?

August 09, 2017

Shower Cone?

There is the saying that you should learn something new every day.

Well, dear reader, I have certainly done that, and once you’re done reading, you’ll have definitely learnt something new too.

Shower caps have been around since the early 1800s…. yup.

And believe me, shower caps weren’t always cloud-shaped and poofy, no, back then, they were cone-shaped, kind of like the construction cones…. Yeah, the orange ones.

Why??   - I asked myself that too, why dear god why?

Well, apparently they were shaped like this, so that the water drips down the cone, whilst keeping the bather’s head dry.

And, they were made out of oilcloth, so that the water doesn’t absorb into the cap. Pretty smart eh?

You can see in this photo, the kids are wearing their shower caps and covered in blankets while waiting for their turn to shower.


It was quite interesting to research all this, nevertheless, I am very grateful that we now have more elegant shower caps.

Can you imagine trying to shower with a construction cone shape on your head?!

The logistics already make me cringe!

Which is why I will not be taking my Dilly’s Collections Shower Cap for granted.

This soft microfiber cloud is all I need, no cones for me, unless it's an ice cream cone!

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