Clutter Be Gone!

Guys, this is not a drill. Dilly’s Collections has expanded its product range!

They now offer so much more than microfiber shower caps and small cosmetic bags. I’m talking about sleeping caps, drying caps and flip cosmetic bags.

Personally, I’m most excited about the flip bags, you know those bags that you can hang off the back of the door vertically, with different pockets and pouches? Yeah those, well now you can buy one!

When traveling sometimes us gals are faced with the problem of not having enough bathroom counter space to place all our toiletries (well a girl’s got a lot of stuff).

And we internally groan at the thought of having to unpack and repack our toiletry bag every time.  Ugh!

So when Dilly’s Collections made the flip hanging bag, little did they know that they have created the answer for every women’s travel hassle.  

If you’re limited for space in the bathroom, because they hang vertically, they literally give you space. Talk about efficiency!

They’re absolutely amazing, you can hang them off the shower door, or a bunk bed…. Or …or literally anywhere!

Even if you are not a travel person, they are fantastic if you’re sending your daughter off to school camp, or a sleep-over; she can keep all her toiletries organised and bring the one bag

…not a gazillion toiletry bags, like I used to!

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