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Monday, 8 August 2016

Dilly's Collections Stylish Shower Cap Giveaway

Good news readers! Due to the interest shown on the Fabulous and Fun Life Instagram account recently when I posted this photo of me wearing the cute Dilly's Collection Cupcakes shower cap, Dilly's Collection have kindly agreed to giveaway one of their stylish shower caps to a lucky reader of Fabulous and Fun Life.
Dilly's Collection Cupcakes Shower Cap
Dilly's Collection shower caps are premium quality, stylish shower caps that keep your hair dry and frizz free in the shower or bath.
Moisture can cause uncontrollable hair syndrome and frizz, and there's nothing worse than having a shower and ruining your recent blow wave or hair straightening due to the steam and water from the shower. Dilly's Collection shower caps help to preserve your styled hair for longer. 
They are the first ever shower cap to be lined with microfiber making them super comfortable to wear. The middle layer contains PVC water proofing materials. It is these first two layers that protect your hair from the steam and water that often causes your hair to frizz.
The outer layer is the stylish design premium quality satin fabric. 
 Dilly's Collection Cupcakes Shower Cap Lined With Microfibre
These shower caps are easy to wash and reuse again and again! This makes them so much more environmentally friendly than the plastic shower caps you end up frequently throwing out.
Dilly's Collection has a fabulous range of stylish, chic and fun shower cap designs to choose from. Click HERE to go to the Dilly's Collection website to view their current selection of designs.

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