Is your hair getting frizzy day by day? Are you having hair-fall? It's high time you had started taking proper care of it. Follow the hair tips like:
  • Regular shampoo and conditioning
  • Oil massage
  • Combing twice everyday
  • Protecting your hair while taking a shower bath
For dry and comfortable frizzy hair, get a deep conditioning treatment done every two weeks. Use shampoo and conditioners or masks specially meant for making hair smooth and silk. Also, healthy hair needs healthy eating. So, your regular diet shall be changed. Eat a lot of spinach, salmon, egg and green yoghurt because these are highly nutritious for your hair. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary. 
People with long hair fail to protect the hair from ill-effects of pollution in spite of taking proper care of it.
One major problem is that instead of conditioning and maintaining the hair, whenever you are taking a shower your hair is largely affected. This is because water contains minerals like iron causing chemical damage to the hair. Also, it washes off the creamy layer that is gifted to the hair by the conditioners. 
So, Dilly's collection brings you a unique microfibre and waterproof lined shower caps. It is useful for all types of hair- thick and frizzy or long and unruly. With vibrant colors and attractive designs, they are aesthetic enough and add to the feel-good factor. We have chicy designs for women and cute patterns for adults.
The other shower caps available today require to be thrown after three or four uses. Dilly's shower-caps have the highest quality standards and are durable. Designed in Australia, they are the first ones to use microfiber. There is also a layer of PVC water proofing that prevents the hair from getting unravelled by the water and steam when you take a bath. The inner layers of PVC and microfiber are en-sheathed by an outer layer of satin. If you have a blow wave done in your hair, these protective layers help that blow wave last longer.
You can choose from the two different sizes available. It can be hand-washed easily. So, as a comfortable and luxurious option to protect your hair from frizz or to protect the blow wave in your hair, buy Dilly’s shower-caps.  

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