Hair and Health

Your hair can say a lot about your health.


From experience, long thick healthy hair can change and be affected from our simple day-to-day activities, diet and overall wellbeing.

Often chlorinated water or continuous hair dye can be the causes for hair to lose its luster.


Limp dry hair may also be a sign of hypothyroidism or a underactive thyroid, if you suspect that this could be affecting you, it is important to to talk to the doctor about testing our hormones.  

The average person loses about 100 hairs a day, this hair loss is normal. But if your hair starts to feel thinner or comes out in clumps it could be attributed to recent stresses in your life, such as job stress, divorce, etc. In other cases it could be a sign of thyroid issues or hormone inbalance and would good to check it out with your doctor


Our hair at times can be dry and brittle and break easily. Our hair is made up of protein keratin and if you are not getting enough protein in your diet it could weaken your hair.  Thus, it is great to keep up a balanced diet consisting of tofu, fish, eggs and nuts.


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