Hair Mask

“And how often do you apply a hair mask?”

These are the words I’m asked every time I go to the hairdresser. It’s the question I dread. I knowwww that I’m meant to put a leave-in mask at least once a week. But on these cold winter nights, the last thing I feel like doing is sleeping with wet hair, and ruining my pillow with a hair mask.

But dear reader, my life has changed. And I’m about to change yours, get ready…. you ready?

Use a shower cap at night.

Genius, right?

The Dilly’s Collections shower cap range is pure genius. Its microfibre, so your hair breathes overnight, and you don’t wake up with that damp gross feeling.

Annnnd, your head is toasty and warm throughout the night, because your cold hair is safely tucked away into your trusty shower cap.

There’s a bonus too, sleeping with your hair mask boosts the effectiveness of it. By leaving the hair mask on for a while, it allows your hair to absorb all the nutrients from the mask.

So, say goodbye to laying a towel down on your pillow, and having an uncomfortable night’s sleep! Dilly’s Collections has made my hair mask routine so much easier.

Check out their range here and you too can have soft and glossy hair hassle-free!


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