Woman today have many talents, including our natural multi-tasking capabilities. In saying this, we should maximize our down time whilst sleeping to look after ourselves via hair treatments.


The optimum time to use hair treatments is whilst sleeping. It is far more efficient then standing under the shower in the morning and waiting ten or more minutes post shower to treat your hair. Instead we should manage our time better and utilize our sleep time instead of rushing and causing stress each morning.


When sleeping, the hair is able to treat itself overnight - having enhanced penetration and effectiveness by having a lengthy period to repair itself which will keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous when you wake up. Coconut oil is great for hair growth and to put in the extra lengths your hair needs to protect and seal the moisture to prevent frizzy, dried out occurrences.  Coconut oil will also gives your hair a luminous shiny finish every girl desires.


By wearing Dilly’s Microfibre Shower Cap as you sleep, it will not only keep your hair comfortable and warm but will to help secure the treatment and maintain your lush morning look.


By treating your hair as you sleep, it will give your hair time to hydrate and will free up your days, having more time to do the things you love whilst looking great everyday.


This is what our hair deserves. Tender Loving Care

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