Love At First Buy

We all have that Nana, or great aunt that showers us with advice and wisdom (and food), every time we see them.

After the usual conversation of;

“Yes Nan, I’m still working in marketing.”

“No Nan, I don’t have a stall at Vic Market, it’s like advertising but bigger.”

“Yes Nan, I’m still dating John**.”

“Yes Nan 3 years…..”

“No, no ring yet, we’re still young.”

I’m sure you can see where this going……

And after the usual rounds of the above conversation, and once I’m full of home cooked SpagBol (with extra sauce please), my Nan gives me her famous advice.

This visit, she was telling me that I should not, and must not wash my hair every day.

Now, I’ve heard this all before, yet never really took attention to it, because I love washing my hair. I mean really love.

I just feel so relaxed afterwards, I smell great, and I just feel like the world is better place when I wash my hair.

Thing is, I trust my Nana, and so after my visit with her, I decided to give this whirl.

My only problem was, I have big hair.

Like, the curls and volume, and the length, make it rather difficult for me to find a shower cap that fits around my big head if you will. Which is why I never bothered with one in the first place.

After some detective searching, I found the shower cap of my dreams. It was love at first buy.

Dilly’s Collections is the number one on EBay, and for good reason too.

They have shower cap sizes! I know, its amazing!

Finally, a product that can actually keep my hair dry in the shower.

And, the bonus is that I am helping the environment.

How? You ask.

Well, because Dilly’s Collections is a premium made shower cap (ah, yet affordable) they don’t breakdown or dissolve after a couple of uses, so this is a long-lasting product.

Essentially, a long-term investment for your hair, if you will.

So if you too, want to fall in love with the most chic and stylish shower caps, click here, and find the perfect match for your hair.


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