Shower Diva

You know what the best part of staying in a hotel is?

Free toiletries.

Especially the shower cap….. said no one ever.

Yet, we take it anyway, cos its free.

But since you’ve returned from your holiday, I bet you haven’t given it much thought.

Its probably sitting in the bottom of your suitcase, or at the top of your toiletries cabinet, along with the gluggy mascara you got with a magazine from when you were a teen, and the mini Cetaphil samples you got in your mail box 3 years ago.

But now, there’s a new stylish shower cap on the block, Dilly’s Collections Microfibre Shower cap.

Its chic and it keeps your hair dry with its microfibre material that is also water proof and machine washable. Talk about two birds and one stone!

And with all the gorgeous designs, it’s practically impossible to buy just one, heck I need one for each day of the week, just to come up with more excuses to buy more!

They come various sizes, styles and you’ll look like an absolute diva in the shower!

Grab yours today


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