Dilly's Collections Shower Caps - Key Features


Designed in Australia, Dilly’s Collections prides itself on offering shower caps of the highest standard and are the first EVER to use a protective MICROFIBRE lining! The inner layer is lined with microfibre and the middle layer has PVC water proofing materials. These first two layers protect the hair from steam and water that often causes your hair to frizz and unravel. They are your guaranteed waterproof protection. The outer layer is made from premium quality satin.


Finally a quality and durable shower cap you won’t have to throw out! 

    • The Premium MICROFIBRE Towelling delivers efficient moisture transport whilst providing comfort and durability! Adding that extra line of defence to protect hair treatments and safeguard your blow drys

    • It dries your hair faster and in the natural way to save you time and stress & can also be used as a sleeping cap to preserve hair treatments, being a comfortable and sturdy cap that will protect braids and twists that can often become unruly overnight.

    • Prevents hair damage and risk of split ends and is gentle on hair and skin; comfortable and easy to wear!

    • The custom made super secure band is there to seal out the humidity and moisture during shower time.

    • Helps when applying facials, putting on makeup, face washing / moisturising and even sun tanning to prevent your hair from interfering in your daily beauty regime.



We offer a range of stylish and chic designs for adults and a playful patterns for babies and children! Dilly’s Collections shower caps are suitable for all hair types including those with long, thick, frizzy and blow-waved hair.


They can be hand-washed for your convenience and will be a staple in your daily beauty regime.


Dilly’s Collections are the ideal gift for anyone who wants to look fabulous every day.