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Here are some kind words from our customers about our products. We appreciate our wonderful customers and their delight at the quality of our products and service.


"With curly hair I only wash it twice a week. The Dilly's cap keeps my curls strong and dry in the shower!! And it doesn't get gross like reg shower caps!! Great product!"
Racheli Aye
"Great product great christmas present protected my hair from my blowwave for days loved it"
Kayley Frechtman
"With curly hairy I only wash it twice a week. The Dilly's cap keeps my curls strong and dry in the shower!! And it doesn't get gross like regular shower caps!! Great product!"
Rachel Aye
"Amazing quality shower caps that feel good and keep out any moisture which is ideal for every situation. Micro fibre heaven! Thanks Dilly's Collections"
Stephanie Teitelbaum
"The best shower cap I have ever used. They work beautifully!"
Debbie Block
"Just letting you know how happy I am with my new Dilly's Shower Cap. It has a gorgeous design, is fantastic quality and is luxurious to wear. Thank you!"
Karen Lutchner
"I absolutely love my shower cap! Not only is it quite pretty, the quality of the materials used to make it, is of high standard. It keeps out the frizz and totally protects my hair, and am so glad I no longer have to buy ugly plastic shower caps from the shops. My daughter loves her Pink Cupcake one too! Totally genuius Dilly's Collections."
Kristyn Culliver
Director and Owner of NK Skin Studios
"These shower caps are brilliant .....they really work....every girl should own one!!!!"
Lia Caurso Limina
Member of Aussie Curly Hair Group
"I love my Dillys showercap because it keeps my hair looking just like i came back from hairdresser each and everytime. Thanks"
Claudine Zuker
Managing Director of Beagler Books
"Dillys showercap is everything i have ever wanted and needed from a shower cap. A must buy for erveryone!"
Emma Silbert
Media Executive
"Surprisingly it is difficult to find a quality shower cap out there.  I heard about Dilly’s through word of mouth and was eager to see what the fuss was all about. Finally a shower cap that actually does the trick. Not to mention I love showering in style."
Sheree Rubinstein
Co-founder and CEO of One Roof Woman
"Finally a quality shower cap on the market that gives my hair the full protection I am looking for.  My hair remains completely dry, my blow waves stay as they are without the worry of water seeping in.  Love this product.  Great gift too."
Lisette Reiss Goldman
Prime Property Retail
"I love using my Dilly's showercap. Its so comfortable and fits my head perfectly. It holds my thick long hair in place and it never gets wet. thanks Dilly for an exceptional product."
Arlene Joffe
Sales Executive
"I am so thankful for my Dilly's showercap .  Sincie I have been using my blow wave it lasts the entire week instead of 2 to 3 days before I discovered these savy showercaps.  The unique interior keeps the curly hiar frizz free and as a singer it is especially important to have great looking hair for every performance."
Debbie Sher
Singer and Singing Teacher
"I am absolutely thrilled with my showercap. I love the quality the lining and the colour. Bright and happy and I use it every day"
Debbie Dribbin
Managing Director

"LOVE Dilly's collection shower caps!! hair comes out dry and ready to go again, plus no water gets in the cracks. AMAZING. xx"
Kirsty MxDermott
Personal Trainer
"No sales talk here... took these as gifts to several friends overseas and each and everyone commented how awesome they are. Blow dry saved 5 days running. Unheard of! Love mine. Even in my hot bath I use it to avoid a steam frizz. Works every time. Go Dilly's you rock."
Charlene Kagan Miller
Event Stylist