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Heatless Ribbon Roller Curler Kit Pink - 100% Mulberry Silk

Have you always dreamed of beautiful easy curls without the risk of heat damage? Well, now your dream has come true! This Dilly's Collections Heatless Ribbon Roller Curler Kit Pink - 100% Mulberry Silk will help you achieve perfect curls with no heat damage, and the mulberry silk will  help your hair stay silky smooth and frizz-free.

Simply wrap your hair in the roller, fold it up and secure it with the included scrunchies and hair clips, leave it overnight to wake up to beautiful curls.

measurement around 90*2.5cm size or the roller

  • FULL SET - Includes 100% Mulberry Silk Roller, Scrunchies and a cute hair clip as well!
  • FRIZZ-FREE HAIR. Unlike cotton, silk lessens friction between your hair so you can wake up with naturally beautiful hair without the frizz!
  • REDUCE BREAKAGE AND DAMAGE. Using a 100% mulberry silk heatless ribbon roller for your hair keeps your hair’s natural oils. It will keep your hair healthy and reduce dryness, breakage, and tangles.

Why buy 100% MULBERRY Silk?

✨ Improves hair hydration
✨ Reduce damage from heat
✨ Smoother Frizz Free hair
✨ Mulberry is silk is the highest quality silk
✨ Prevents hair breakage and damage altogether

  • WAKE UP TO GORGEOUS CURLS – Get the effortlessly flawless curls you’ve always desired with the help of our silk heatless hair curling ribbon and hair ties for women. Unlike curling irons, or hot rollers, you do not need any skills to get the best results , and also no heat damage to hair. Simply go to sleep with your no heat curlers, secured with your silk hair scrunchies and wake up to those envy-inducing beach waves, it’s that easy!
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME – Our heatless curling rod delivers professional looking heatless curls without requiring you to pay hefty salon fees. Save time In the mornings by applying the curling ribbon for hair at night, secure with the included silk scrunchies and uninstall in the morning. In addition to securing the curling rod, the silk scrunchies for hair, can be used as your go-to slip hair ties which being made out of pure silk promotes hair growth. 

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