Black Microfibre Shower Cap - Dilly's Collections
Black Microfibre Shower Cap - Dilly's Collections

Black Microfibre Shower Cap

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Dilly's Collections prides itself on offering shower caps of the highest standard and are the first ever to offer an innovative MICROFIBRE inner lining! The inner layer is lined with microfibre fabric and the middle layer has PVC water proofing materials. These first two layers protect the hair from steam and water that can often cause your hair to frizz and unravel. The outer layer is made from premium quality satin.

The custom made super secure band is there to seal out the humidity and moisture during shower time.

Item Features:

  • One Size Fits ALL!
  • Premium Satin Exterior
  • Luxury Microfibre Inner Lining
  • 18 Stylish New Designs available to choose from!

Our Shower Caps can be hand-washed for your convenience and will be a staple in your daily beauty regime.



Ultimate Protection

The microfibre lining is serves to cater for all, adding that extra line of defence to protect hair treatments and safeguard blowdrys for all hair types including those with long, thick and frizzy complexions. No matter what hair type you have, our shower caps offer complete protection from moisture and steam that often causes hair to become frizzy and unruly.

Envionrmentally Friendly

Finally, there is a quality and durable shower cap you wont have to throw out. Earth concious lovies need not add to the mountains of plastic in landfills and water ways - these shower caps are easy to wash & reuse again and again! 

Black Microfibre Shower Cap - Dilly's Collections


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