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Detangle Hair Brush - Pink Rhinestone

Waste less time on taming your wild locks and more time making it look amazing (while adding a bit of bling to your hair care routine) with our Dilly's Collections Detangle Hair Brush -  Pink Rhinestone This little babe is made for getting through the toughest of knots and will help minimise hair damage and breakage.

Works for both wet and dry hair. 

  • The Crystal Paddle Brush is handmade, fully decorated with shiny pink rhinestone, so lovely, making you stand out among millions.
  • The Bling Detangling Brush works for wet, dry, and oily hair, prevents hair breakage.
  • The Rhinestone Hair Brush comes with Air Cushion- bristles for a bouncy effect, combing your hair can be massage from now on.
  • The Hair Brush comes with A grade quality material, it has no paint fade problem, it will last a long time. 

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