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Dogs | Daschunds Shower Cap - Microfibre Lined - Standard Size

Introducing the Dilly's Collections Dogs | Daschunds Shower Cap - Microfibre Lined - Standard Size the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to protect their hair while showering or during their beauty regime.


  • Made with a premium quality satin exterior and a luxury microfibre inner lining, this shower cap is both stylish and functional.
  • The triple-layered construction of the shower cap ensures that it seals out steam and moisture, keeping your hair looking great for longer. It's perfect for all hair types, and is designed to protect your hair treatment and save your blow waves.
  • The custom-made super secure band ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the standard size (30cm diameter) fits most head sizes.
  • So why microfibre? Microfibre is a great choice for hair and body because it's soft, gentle, and absorbs moisture quickly. It's also lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for use in shower caps. The luxury microfibre inner lining of this shower cap helps protect your hair from moisture, while also reducing frizz and keeping your hair looking great.

Protect your hair and look stylish while doing it with the Dilly's Collections Dogs | Daschunds Shower Cap It's the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to keep their hair looking great, even after showering or during their beauty routine.

Here's why we use a microfibre towelling lining ❤️



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