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Electric Eye Massager

This Dilly's Collections Electric Eye Massager stimulates the acupuncture points around the eyes and accelerates blood circulation, reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity.

This is a 4 in 1 high end eye beauty tool providing high frequency vibration, constant heating hot compress, red light/photon therapy and EMS micro current, which promotes collagen regeneration and blood circulation thereby relieving eye fatigue and relaxing muscle tension.  It can also effectively reduce melanin, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.

1. Vibration Massage: High frequency vibration massage can effectively activate skin cells to accelerate the skin repairing, tighten the skin and strengthen skin elasticity.

2. Constant Heating: Soothing heating massage can enhance the tissue regeneration process to open the pores and improve the absorption of creams, lotions and other skincare produces.

3. Photon Therapy: 620nm+20nm wavelength red light can increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen and speed up the metabolism, making skin firm and a smooth texture. An anti-aging effect.

4. EMS Stimulation: Built-in 3 adjustable adjustable EMS intensity levels for easy switch. It will direct to the dermis through micro-current stimulation cell bio-electricity to promote collagen product and lymph detoxification which can help tighten your skin with improved physical appearance and relieve from pressure and fatigue.

Size: 160mm x 30mm x 19.l5mm

Comes with USB Cable and User Manual

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