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Facial Cleansing Brush - Double-Sided Electric Silicone

Up your cleansing game with this Dilly's Collections Facial Cleansing Brush - Double-Sided Electric Silicone . The silicone bristles will help clear away your make-up and dead skin with ease, while the sonic vibrations may encourage skin cell growth and collagen production, resulting in radiant skin! This is a Facial Skin Deep Cleaning.  Suitable for all skin types and transforms your skin with a deeper clean

Includes a USB charging cord

DEEP CLEANSING, Exfoliator, Pore Cleaner, Black Head Removal, Portable, Rechargeable

1. Soft silicone brush:6mm long hair brush
2. Face cleansing function and eye massage function
3. IPX7 water-proof
4.Removes facial skin oil sebum and dirt 
5.Cleaning is 2-10 times more efficient than human hands
7.Silicone materials: foodstuff standard silica gel
8. Mode :3modes
First level will display green light
Second level will display yellow light
Third level will display red light
9.Thickness of the brush:0.05mm

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