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Facial Massager - Multifunction Photon/Light Therapy

Combine an electric facial massager with light therapy and what do you get? The answer to all your skincare problems that's what! The Dilly's Collections  Facial Massager - Multifunction Photon/Light Therapy  will help solve all your skin woes.
It features 4 different modes which target different skin areas and concerns:

- Cleanse mode; the light and vibration will help warm up your pores and release any impurities
- Eye Care Mode; this sensitive mode will help revitalise your eye area
- Phototherapy Regeneration Mode 
- Skin Lifting Mode
2 Light Options:

Blue light mode - constant-temp massage mode
-Relieve oedema
-Shrinks pores
-Firms and shapes face
Red light mode warm massage mode
-Lifting and firming
-Skin rejuvenation
-Improves dull skin

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