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Facial Massager - Warm and Cool

This Dilly's Collections Facial Massager - Warm and Cool is your perfect at-home facial tool.


Skin Looks Younger - Warm and Cool Facial Massager for skin rejuvenation makes skin look more youthful. It combines several functions to make the skin look smoother, tighter and more flexible including Warm and Cool treatments and sonic vibration..

This is a spa-grade anti-aging beauty device.

Absorbent Warming Massage - It helps stimulate blood circulation acceleration  helping your skin quickly absorb skin care products you apply. 

Anti-aging Cooling Massage  - It helps tighten skin, refines pores, improves skin texture and softens fine lines and wrinkles. It enhances skin texture, brightens skin colour and helps with skin rejuvenation.

Automatic Timer and USB Rechargeable - Has a safe automatic timer - 2.5 Minutes for each treatment mode. It is a rechargeable model that can be recharged by USB data cable which is included.

Its lightweight and easy to carry.  

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