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Hair Lovers Gift Set - Pink

Up your hair care game with our Dilly's Collections Hair Lovers Gift Set - Pink. Featuring our most popular hair products to make sure your locks always look their best.

Hair Lovers Gift Set includes:

- Pink Microfibre-Lined Shower Cap

- Pink Microfibre Hair Turban

- Pink Detangle Hair Brush

- 2 x Microfibre Hair Scrunchies

Pink Microfibre-Lined Shower Cap

Look stylish while protecting your hair with our Dilly's Collections Pink Print Microfibre-lined shower cap. The unique microfibre inner lining helps protect your hair from moisture while also reducing frizz. Wear this shower cap while showering or during your beauty regime to keep your hair looking great for longer. 

Dilly's Collections prides itself on offering shower caps of the highest standard and are the first ever to offer an innovative MICROFIBRE inner lining. The inner layer is lined with microfibre and the middle layer with PVC materials. These first two layers protect the hair from steam and water that often causes your hair to frizz and unravel. The outer layer is made from premium quality satin.

The custom made super secure band is there to seal out the humidity and moisture after shower time.

No matter what hair type you have, our shower caps offer complete protection from moisture and steam that often causes hair to become frizzy and unruly.

Available in a range of fun and trendy prints and colours, they will be a staple in your daily beauty regime!

Please note: for best usage, we highly recommend to not put your head under the showerhead while showering. Hang-dry after use.

Pink Microfibre Hair Turban

Hair drying isn't really stylish... or so you thought until you found our Dilly's Collections pink luxury hair turban.

These babes are made to handle anything, and will make you look like you can handle anything - even mid makeup application, face mask or post-shower. They got you, and you've got this, trust me.

Our luxurious hair turbans are made from super-absorbent microfibre material that is versatile and easy to look after.

Pop it on your head and the absorbent material helps your hair dry faster without the need to blow dry! Ideal for hair treatment protection, makeup applications, facial cleansing, R&R or wear it to bed or in the sauna/hot tub to keep your head nice and cosy. A comfortable piece, our hair turban is perfect for travel and business trips to help assist you on your busy day schedule.

Pink Detangle Hair Brush

Waste less time on taming your wild locks and more time making it look amazing with our Dilly's Collection Detangle Hair Brush. This little babe is made for getting through the toughest of knots and will help minimise hair damage and breakage.

Works for both wet and dry hair. 

Microfibre Hair Scrunchies (x 2)

These Dilly's Collections Pink Microfibre Hair Drying Scrunchies are a dream come true. Help your hair dry naturally with these microfibre hair drying scrunchies. They come in a set of two.

These Pink luxuriously soft microfibre scrunchies keep your hair back after the shower while drying your hair. 

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