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Headband - Black Velvet - for wearing every day

You can't go wrong with this stunning Dilly's Collections Headband - Black Velvet . It's clean design and the fact its black will make a perfect addition to any outfit. The fabric-covered band means it will stay secure and snug on your head and keep any flyaway hairs at bay! 

This season we wear hairbands with everything - in a minimalist version we put them on with a simple white shirt and jeans, in a boho style we wear colourful bands with airy dresses and comfortable sandals.

The headband, although associated primarily with the style of the 90s, has been present in women's fashion since the 1960s. The fans of this accessory were, among others, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot. In the 1980s, Madonna popularized wide headbands. In recent years, headbands have become one of the most fashionable accessories. We love them for the fact that they are very practical and handle hair perfectly during each bad hair day.

The good news is:  Yes, headbands are still in style! And what is more, padded headbands are back in style.

Sizing:  4 x 2 x 38cm

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