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Lavender Candle Heat Pack & Eye Mask

Get yourself nice and snug this holiday season (or anytime you need!) with this cute Dilly's Collections Lavender Candle Heat Pack & Eye Mask

Dilly's Collections Fluffy Heart Shaped Eye Mask

Get your well-deserved beauty sleep, whether you are in bed or up in the air, with this Fluffy Eye Mask. Designed with a pretty elasticated satin, and extra soft plush fabric, this eye mask is perfect for winter! Ideal for traveling or home use, pop one on and you'll snooze in no time while looking a little bit stylish.

Dilly's Collections Fluffy Eye Mask Features:

• Elasticated Satin Strap
• Plush and Soft Feel
• Added Padding
• Soft Inner Lining
• One Size Fits Most
• Ideal for Travelling
• Designed in Australia

Dilly's Collections Heart-Shaped Heat Pack

When that time of the month comes around things get... uncomfortable. Sometimes it's tolerable, but some months you just want to curl in a ball and cry. This is where this heat pack comes in. This cute little heat pack will help ease your pain, is nice and soft, and easy to flex around to hit your sore spots.

It can also be used to warm you up on a cool night, or ease other aches and pains!

Dilly's Collections 'Love' Candle 300gm - Lavender Scent

Brighten up your home with this beautiful lavender-scented Love candle. Handmade in Australia, with 300gm of wax and 50 hours of burn time. A perfect gift for someone you love!

NOTE: Candles should never be left to burn unattended.

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