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Multifunction Photon/Light Therapy Regenerating Facial Massager

Combine an electric facial massager with light therapy and what do you get? The answer to all your skincare problems that's what! The Dilly's Collections Multifunction Photon/Light Therapy Regenerating Facial Massager will help solve all your skin woes.
It features 4 different modes which target different skin areas and concerns:

- Cleanse mode; the light and vibration will help warm up your pores and release any impurities
- Eye Care Mode; this sensitive mode will help revitalise your eye area
- Phototherapy Regeneration Mode 
- Skin Lifting Mode
2 Light Options:

Blue light mode - constant-temp massage mode
-Relieve oedema
-Shrinks pores
-Firms and shapes face
Red light mode warm massage mode
-Lifting and firming
-Skin rejuvenation
-Improves dull skin

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