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Necklace - Coloured Pearls

This beautiful, delicate Dilly's Collections Necklace - Coloured Pearls is something that would work so well for a mother and daughter.  One each. 

According to history and the myths, pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. They are well-known for their calming effects.

Each pearl is the shape of rice and measures 7mm - 8mm. . They're freshwater pearls. Each pearl is graded as 3A.

They're strung on a genuine 925 sterling silver chain.

Caring for Your Pearls:

Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To preserve your pearls' radiance, avoid letting them come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume. Always put on your jewellery as a final touch, after applying make-up and styling hair.

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