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Sleeping Beauty Gift Set - Satin Pillowcases, Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Pink Detangle Hair Brush

BEAUTY SLEEP SET. The Satin Sleep Set includes two satin pillowcases, along with a mulberry silk scrunchie and pink detangle hair brush.

Waste less time on taming your wild locks and more time making it look amazing with our Dilly's Collection Detangle Hair Brush. This little babe is made for getting through the toughest of knots and will help minimise hair damage and breakage. And tie it all together with a super soft mulberry silk hair scrunchie, which also helps reduce frizz and avoid hair breakage!

Works for both wet and dry hair. 

Satin Pillow Case Features:

FRIZZ-FREE HAIR. Unlike cotton, satin pillowcases lessen friction between your hair so you can wake up with naturally beautiful hair without the frizz!
REDUCE BREAKAGE. Using a satin pillowcase and scrunchie for your hair keeps your hair’s natural oils. It will keep your hair healthy and reduce dryness, breakage, and tangles.
PROMOTES YOUTHFUL SKIN. Satin does not absorb moisture unlike cotton, so your skin stays hydrated while you sleep for a more youthful complexion. It reduces friction that can cause lines and wrinkles on your skin.
PROTECT THE LASHES. Our satin pillowcase and can help fragile eyelashes and eyebrows stay intact because the silky material glides over your skin instead of rubbing against it.

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