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Sleeping Cap - Pale Pink Satin

This Dilly's Collections Sleeping Cap - Pale Pink Satin has a premium quality satin-lining for luxe and comfort. The sleeping cap keeps your hair feeling fresh and clean after a full night's sleep. 

This Sleeping Cap has a  premium quality satin lining for luxe and comfort
• Prevents hair from frizzing and knotting, preserves hair treatments and preserves blow waves or hair treatments, all while you soundly snooze - a great alternative to satin pillowcases
Its adjustable strap allows a comfortable fit around your head while keeping it in place all night long
Keep your hair beautiful 24/7 with no risk of bed frizz!


• Reversible Design
• Adjustable Strap
• Premium Quality Satin Lining
• One Size Fits Most
• Perfect Alternative to Silk Pillowcases
• Comfortable for Sleeping
• Hair Treatment Protection
• Suitable for all Hair Types

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