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Sleeping Cap - Satin - Pink Hearts

Sleep safe & wake up perfect daily! Our Sleeping Cap - Satin - Pink Hearts will protect your hair treatments whilst you sleep, preventing split ends, other breakage and hair loss! It will help the hair grow and feel luxurious and healthy. This sleeping cap is our luxurious 2 layered solution, perfect for travel due to its durability and lightweight material.

Why do women wear sleep caps?

A sleeping cap for curly hair is often used to preserve hair volume and keep those curls from twisting into a tangle that is difficult to get out come morning.

A sleep cap for long hair can prevent those long tresses from getting trapped under your arms or under a pillow as you move during the night.

They reduce friction between your hair and pillow while you sleep, which keeps curls defined and hydrated, protects hair from split ends and shields against frizz. Cotton pillowcases often absorb the oils and natural moisture from your hair, but a silk or satin hair cap can help your hair retain moisture.

These caps can be hand-washed for convenience and will be a staple in your daily everyday regime.

Our Sleeping Caps are particularly good for people with fine, thin hair who feel the cold when sleeping. 


• Elasticated Band for Comfort
• One Size Fits Most
• Suitable for all Hair Types
• Comfortable for Sleeping
• Ideal for Blow Wave Protection
• For Hair Treatment Protection
• Suitable for All Hair Types
• On-Trend Prints
• Designed in Australia



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