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The Ultimate Beauty Pamper Pack

If you're looking for the solution to all your hair and skin problems, then this gift set might have the answer! This Dilly's Collections Ultimate Beauty Pack includes everything you need to get started on a perfect hair, skin and self-care routine (oh and did I mention it's all lovely and pink?!). And it all comes packed in a beautiful gift box, just in time for Christmas! We've put together a pack of our highest quality products valued at over $110, including:

Rose Quartz Stone Roller

Make your skin glow with this Rose Quartz Stone Roller. This tool can help promote circulation, encourage skin cell regeneration, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It will also help reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness. Truly a superstar skin product! 

This skincare set is a great addition to your skincare routine and can be used as a facial massager with oils and skin treatments. The jade stone is silky smooth and feels amazing on the skin. 

Pink Heart Reusable Make-Up Remover Pad

This makeup remover pad is all the good things - reusable, biodegradable and contains no nasties that could hurt your skin (or the environment!). They are made of 100% natural cellulose fibres that help exfoliate and leave skin clean and soft. You can remove your makeup quickly and easily with these pads and be in bed before you can finish saying 'wow! these are so good!' Just add water or your favourite make-up remover and you're good to go!

Pink Microfibre Spa Headband

Bring the spa to your home with our Pink Microfibre Spa Headband. These are perfect to wear during facials, during your skin routine and when applying makeup. They’ll securely keep your hair out of the way so it doesn’t get wet or get any product in it!

Luxury Pink Microfibre Hair Turban

Our luxurious hair turbans are made from super-absorbent microfibre material that is versatile and easy to look after.

Pop it on your head and the absorbent material helps your hair dry faster without the need to blow dry! Ideal for hair treatment protection, makeup applications, facial cleansing, R&R or wear it to bed or in the sauna/hot tub to keep your head nice and cosy. A comfortable piece, our turban is perfect for travel and business trips to help assist you on your busy day schedule.

Pink Print Luxury Eye Mask With Glitter Eye Lashes

Our sweetest eye mask yet. Silky smooth so you can get your well-earned rest (and look cute whilst doing it of course!). This eye mask comes with its very own pouch, so you can take it anywhere you desire to catch those precious Z's!




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