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Microfibre Range

White Luxury Microfibre Hair Turban

Our hair turbans are made from super-absorbent microfibre material that is versatile and easy to look after. Pop it on your head and the absorbent material helps your hair dry faster without the need to blow dry!

Ideal for hair treatment protection, makeup applications, facial cleansing, and R&R. Wear it to bed or in the sauna/hot tub to keep your head nice and cozy.

A comfortable piece, our turban is perfect for travel and business trips to help assist you on your busy day schedule.


• Dries Wet Hair
• Comfortable Size
• Premium Microfibre Material
• Ideal for Hair Treatment Protection
• Perfect for Applying Makeup
• Can be Worn to Bed
• Chemotherapy Hair Protection Cap
• Quick Drying
• Easy Fit Without Twisting
• Designed in Australia

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