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Necklace - Sterling Silver Sunflower with Freshwater Pearl

There's something about a natural freshwater pearl.  This Necklace - Sterling Silver Sunflower with a Freshwater Pearl reflects just that. It is natural freshwater pearl embedded into a 925 sterling silver sunflower on a sterling silver link chain.  It sits on your clavicle. Pretty and delicate.

Your freshwater pearl was once living and growing so you will need to make sure that as with all living things it stays out of harm. 

The most important way to prevent damage to your pearl is by following the golden rule of putting your pearl on as the last thing you do when finishing your grooming. Put the pearl on after you have applied make up, perfume and hair sprays, never before. Don't spray your perfume on the neck area where the pearl will actually sit and avoid touching your pearl when you have just applied hand cream. If you need to reapply hair spray at some time, slip the pearl off for a moment and put it well out of the damage zone.

Likewise make pearls the first thing you remove after a night out, before you wipe your face and neck with cleansers or facial wipes, or night creams. As you remove your pearls wipe them with a soft damp cloth. Buff them occasionally with a silk cloth to enhance their shine and lustre.

Colour: white natural freshwater pearl
Size: 7 - 8 mm
Chain Length: 45cm


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