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Silk Pillow Case Sleep Set - Silver - 100% Mulberry Silk

Give yourself and your hair and skin the best sleep of your life with Dilly's Collections Silk Pillow Case Sleep Set - Silver - 100% Mulberry SilkFeaturing 1 Silk Pillowcase, Eye Mask and 3 Scrunchies, it will feel like you're sleeping on a cloud made from frizz-free dreams. Comes in an elegant gift box.

Mulberry silk is a dream for your skin and hair - natural mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, reduce friction which helps reduce the chance of wrinkles, and is a breathable fabric that will help keep your skin dry even on the hottest nights!

Dilly's Collections Silk Pillow Case Sleep Set - Silver - 100% Mulberry Silk Features:

  • BEAUTY SLEEP SET. includes one silk pillowcase, along with a matching satin eye mask and 3 scrunchies!
  • FRIZZ-FREE HAIR. Unlike cotton, silk pillowcases lessen friction between your hair so you can wake up with naturally beautiful hair without the frizz!
  • REDUCE BREAKAGE. Using a silk pillowcase and scrunchie for your hair keeps your hair’s natural oils. It will keep your hair healthy and reduce dryness, breakage, and tangles.
  • PROMOTES YOUTHFUL SKIN. Silk does not absorb moisture unlike cotton, so your skin stays hydrated while you sleep for a more youthful complexion. It reduces friction that can cause lines and wrinkles on your skin.
  • PROTECT THE LASHES. Our silk pillowcase and eye mask can help fragile eyelashes and eyebrows stay intact because the silky material glides over your skin instead of rubbing against it.

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