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Sleeping Cap - Wash Cap - Extra Large - Purple

Introducing the Sleeping Cap - Wash Cap - Extra Large - Purple Double Lined & Reversible by Dilly's Collections. Made with premium quality satin, this sleeping cap is designed to provide ultimate comfort while keeping your hair in pristine condition.


  • Say goodbye to bedhead and frizzy hair with this oversized sleeping cap that fits over any hairstyle. The elastic band ensures a comfortable fit while keeping the cap in place all night long.
  • It's reversible, so you get two colours in one cap!
  • The double lined satin construction prevents hair from frizzing and knotting, making it a great alternative to satin pillowcases. It also helps to preserve hair treatments and blow waves while you sleep. This extra-large cap fits long hair easily, making it suitable for all hair types.
  • In addition to wearing it as a sleeping cap, you can also use it for hair treatments or to allow your hair to dry after washing. Simply towel dry your hair and pop on the cap until you're ready to style it.
  • With its premium quality satin material, reversible design, elastic band, and double-lined construction, this sleeping cap is the perfect alternative to silk pillowcases.

Keep your hair beautiful 24/7 with no risk of bed frizz! One size fits most, so you can rest easy knowing that this cap will provide ultimate comfort and protection for your hair, no matter what your hair type is.

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